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Great Service!
Very helpful in choosing the best wool for a sweater for my grandchild. The Baby Marino turned out to be an excellent choice!

Sandnes Garn Poppy



meet Sandnes Garn Poppy, a sublime yarn that combines the delicate touch of alpaca fibers with the strength of wool, expertly blown into a cotton sock to create a truly exceptional knitting experience.

Signature Blend of Poppy: Crafted with a careful combination of alpaca fibers and wool, it radiates Poppy a perfect harmony of softness and durability. The alpaca gives a luxurious touch, while the wool adds resilience and structure. This distinctive mix makes of Poppy an excellent choice for your knitting projects.

Light as Air, Soft as Silk: The innovative process of blowing this blend of alpaca and wool into a cotton sock results in a yarn that is remarkably soft, light and airy. Poppy promises a unique texture that adds a touch of sophistication to your creations, whether you're making cozy garments or delicate accessories.

Sustainability in the Core: Poppy not only offers a premium knitting experience, but also stands for ethical and sustainable practices. Our commitment to environmental consciousness is reflected in the origin of our raw materials, sourced from Italy. Read more about our commitment to sustainability here.


  • Height: About 110 meters per 50 grams
  • Knitting needles: Recommended size 5,5 – 7
  • Knitting tension: Achieve perfection with 17-14 stitches per 10 cm
  • Origin of Raw Material: Proudly crafted from finished materials sourced from Italy

Enrich your knitting projects with Sandnes Garn Poppy, where the timeless appeal of alpaca fibres, the robustness of wool and the innovative production process come together to create a yarn that is both lush and conscious. Immerse yourself in the softness, lightness and airiness of Poppy while bringing your creative visions to life.


3: Light


50 GR


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Alpaca, Cotton, Wool



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Sandnes Garn Poppy
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