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Sandnes Garn Ballerina flat shoes Chunky mohair

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Sandnes Garn & Symfonie We do not supply Yarns from our own stock, as is the case with other brands. These products are only delivered to order, which means an additional delivery time of 5 to 10 working days. This depends on when we order from our supplier. The advantage of this is that we can offer these products at a very competitive price. As soon as the package has been sent you will receive the Track&Trace. We appreciate your understanding and patience!

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Meet BALLERINA CHUNKY MOHAIR, a timeless mix of mohair and wool, known for its luxurious, long-haired texture. Versatile and beautiful, this thread is perfect for knitting alone or combining with other threads, offering endless possibilities for beautiful creations.


  • Approximately 135 meters per 50g skein
  • Knitting needles from 5-7mm
  • Sample size of 16-13 stitches per 10cm


  • 77% mohair
  • 18% wool
  • 5% polyamide


  • Softness and warmth combined with durability
  • Suitable for creating delicate accents or bold, chunky knits
  • Can be doubled for even more luscious results, perfect for larger needles up to 9mm

Experience the pinnacle of luxury and style with BALLERINA CHUNKY MOHAIR of Sandnes Garn.


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Sandnes Garn Ballerina flat shoes Chunky mohair
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