Sandnes Garn Babyull Lanett


Merinowool is not only insulating, but also wicks moisture away from the body and retains heat even when damp, thanks to the structure of the fibres. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water before it feels damp.

The yarn has been treated with a superwash process to withstand frequent machine washing.

Our supplier has guaranteed that the wool we buy does not come from mulesed sheep.

Babyull Lanett has been on the market since the early 80's and is just as popular todayair as then. However, its usage has changed. Now it is not only used for babyclothes, but for the whole family.


Length: About 175 meters per 50 grams

Knitting needles: Knitting needle number 3

Knitting tension: 27-31 stitches = 10 cm

Origin of raw materials: Australia

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Sandnes Garn Babyull Lanett
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