Pro Lana Wutach Merino Extrafine 100g -420m


In the inconspicuous Black Forest village of Wutach lies a hidden gem – the legendary Wutach Gorge, a place as vibrant and contrasting as they come. Our Wutach Sock Wool, like the gorge itself, captivates with its bold and vibrant colors that demand attention. Whether you knit socks, scarves, hats or other accessories with this skein, it guarantees a showstopper.

Made from a blend of 75% ultra-soft Merinowool and 25% Polyamide, this wool strikes the perfect balance for creating projects that are luxuriously soft, breathable and durable. It's the ideal choice for those long days of hiking and adventure, while the wonderful feeling in your hands makes knitting a real pleasure.


  • 75% Merinowol
  • 25% Polyamide


  • Length: 420 meter
  • Needle thickness: 2,5 – 3,0 mm


  • 100g skein

Discover the wonder of Wutach, stitch by stitch, with our Wutach Sock Wool. Let your creativity flow and turn your knitting projects into eye-catching masterpieces.

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Pro Lana Wutach Merino Extrafine 100g -420m
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