Pro Lana Woolly Hugs Paint socks 100g-420m


Discover Woolly Hugs' Paint Socks Yarn – A Spectacle of Creativity!

Show your artsy side with the beautiful Woolly Hugs Paint Socks Yarn, a masterpiece of color and craftsmanship. With a needle size of 2,5 – 3,0 and an impressive length of 420 metres, each 100g skein offers endless possibilities.

Vibrant Splendor: Dive into a spectrum of sparkling shades combined with neutral nuances for a harmonious mix that is both visually stunning and versatile.

Soft and Durable: Made of high-quality virgin wool and stabilizing polyamide for comfortable and durable socks that retain their shape.

Elegant Simplicity: Achieve mesmerizing results without complicated patterns. Let the natural beauty of the colors do the work.

Endless Inspiration: Experiment with textures and designs. Whether you're experienced or just starting out, this yarn provides an inviting canvas.

Enrich your projects with Woolly Hugs Paint Socks Yarn - 100 grams of creativity, needle size 2,5 - 3,0, 420 meters long. Let your imagination run wild and create one symfonie of color and texture that impresses. Discover your creativity, stitch by stitch.

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Pro Lana Woolly Hugs Paint socks 100g-420m
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