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Great Service!
Very helpful in choosing the best wool for a sweater for my grandchild. The Baby Marino turned out to be an excellent choice!

OPRY Wooden Sock Tensioners Natural - 1 pair



Make your knitted or crocheted socks absolutely perfect with the last step: blocking your socks. This essential action ensures that the stitches come out evenly and beautifully. Dampen your socks a little and slide the wooden sock blockers into the socks. As the socks dry, they maintain the desired shape and size.

Our wooden sock blockers are available in various sizes, ranging from size S (21 cm) and M (22,5 cm) to size L (25,5 cm). The sizes are measured accurately in centimeters from heel to toe. Give your handmade socks the perfect finishing touch and make them shine with the help of our high-quality wooden sock blockers.


L (25.5cm), M (22.5cm), S (21cm)





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OPRY Wooden Sock Tensioners Natural - 1 pair
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