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Lantern Moon Ancestry Interchangeable needle set 9 pairs 10 cm (3.00-6.00)

The Lantern Moon Ancestry Interchangeable Needle Set contains 9 pairs of 10 cm (4 inch) ebony needle tips. The needle tips are made from our beautiful ebony wood, finished with liquid silk, which ensures a smooth glide with all types of yarn. The 24k gold-plated brass connector provides a seamless connection between the cable and the needle tips, which are perfectly shaped to make knitting easier.

Set includes:

  • 9 pairs of interchangeable 10 cm (4 in) tips sizes: 3,0, 3,25, 3,5, 3,75, 4,0, 4,5, 5,0, 5,5 and 6,0 mm
  • Nylon Coated Stainless Steel Cables and Accessories 2 Swivel Cables – 16 cm (40 cm) and 20 cm (50 cm) (The cable length indicates the total length of the needle)
  • 4 wooden end caps,
  • 2 tightening aids
  • 5 colorful stitch markers

The case is made of Khadi silk, a historically important Indian fabric. The outside is decorated with beautiful floral embroidery. Inside there is room for several interchangeable needle tips and cables. The case is equipped with a zipper to keep the entire contents safe and orderly. These needle sets are designed by craftsmen for use by experienced knitters for generations.

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Lantern Moon Ancestry Interchangeable needle set 9 pairs 10 cm (3.00-6.00)

1 in stock