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Great Service!
Very helpful in choosing the best wool for a sweater for my grandchild. The Baby Marino turned out to be an excellent choice!

KnitPro Lace blocking wires – 1x15pcs


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De KnitPro Lace blocking wires are standard equipment for anyone who likes to knit or crochet. The stainless steel wires allow scarves, cloths or jackets to be stretched (blocked) into shape by pushing them through the edge of the craft when wet. The work can then be pinned down using T-pins, which are also available separately. After drying, the pattern is visible in its full glory.


A tube contains 6 stainless steel wires of 95cm, 6 wires of 50cm and 3 flexible wires of 95cm, 20 T-pins and 1 measuring tape.


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KnitPro Lace blocking wires – 1x15pcs

2 in stock

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