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KnitPro Comby II interchangeable needle set

Meet the KnitPro Comby Interchangeable Sampler Set (II) – an ideal introduction to the world of interchangeable needles for knitting enthusiasts. This set combines innovation, quality and versatility to enrich your knitting experience.

Karbonz – The Summit of Innovation: Experience the revolutionaire Karbonz needles, where premium carbon fiber is combined with precision-formed, electrolytically plated brass tips. With the strength of metal and the warm touch of wood, Karbonz needles are a luxurious knitting essential. Made from the same versatile material used in aircraft and automobiles, these needles offer high tensile strength and a lightweight feel.

Nova Cubics – Power Meets Precision: Discover the best of both worlds with Nova Cubicsneedles, with electrolytically plated brass points for a firm grip and a flawless finish. The cube shape combines strength with precision, for a seamless knitting experience.

Royale Wood – Lightweight Elegance: Crafted from stained birch wood, Royale Wood needles provide the perfect balance between lightweight design and exceptional strength. The polished wood surface blends effortlessly with any type of yarn, providing a warm touch and an enjoyable knitting rhythm.

Versatile Set for Any Project: The Comby Interchangeable Sampler Set (II) contains 3 pairs of needle tips and 2 cables, neatly packaged in a handy vinyl pouch. Achieve smooth connections with the cable wrench, allowing stitches to glide effortlessly from point to cable.

Important Details:

  • Standard point length: Approximately 12 cm - ideal for everyday use and medium/large projects.
  • Circleairhe lengths are achieved when needle points and cables are joined together.

Set Contents:

  • 3 pairs of points in the sizes:
    • 3,00 mm (US 2,5) in Karbonz
    • 4,00 mm (US 6) in Nova Cubics
    • 5,00mm (US 8) in Royale Wood
  • 1 x front cable 60 cm / 24″ circairs
  • 1 x front cable 80 cm / 32″ circairs
  • 4 x end caps
  • 2 x cable wrenches
  • 1 interchangeable needle case

Brand: KnitPro
Needle type: Interchangeable Knitting Needles
Material: Carbon Fiber, Metal and Wood
Packaging Contains: Interchangeable Needles and Cables in a Needle Case

Enrich your knitting journey with the KnitPro Comby Interchangeable Sampler Set – where innovation merges with craftsmanship for an exceptional knitting experience.


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KnitPro Comby II interchangeable needle set

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