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Hatnut safe reflect garn

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Introducing Hatnut “Safe Reflect” Reflex Yarn – Illuminate your creations with style and safety!

Unleash your creativity with Hatnut “Safe Reflect” Reflex Yarn, a revolutionair yarn designed to add a touch of safety and sophistication to your handmade projects. With approximately 100 meters of this exceptional yarn on a handy spool, you have all the materials you need to create beautiful pieces that not only look fantastic but also provide visibility in low light conditions.

Most important features:

  • Height: Each spool contains approximately 100 yards of Hatnut Safe Reflect, providing ample material for a variety of projects.
  • Composition: This unique reflex yarn is a mix of high-quality materials, including 63% glass fiber, 28% polyester, 6% metal and 3% polyamide. This composition not only adds durability to your creations, but also provides a striking reflective quality for improved visibility.
  • Color: Opt for sophistication with color 90, a timeless silver gray that complements a wide range of styles and designs.
  • Versatile Processing: Hatnut Safe Reflect is designed to work effortlessly with standard wooltectechniques in crocheting, knitting or weaving. The ease of use ensures that both beginners and seasoned crafters can effortlessly bring their visions to life.


  1. Safety first: The 63% fiberglass composition ensures that your handmade items reflect light, improving visibility and safety in low light.
  2. Sustainable Elegance: The combination of polyester, metal and polyamide provides a solid foundation for your creations, so they will stand the test of time without compromising on style.
  3. Easy to process: Whether you're a crochet enthusiast, a knitting pro, or a weaving prodigy, Hatnut Safe Reflect processes like regular wool, allowing you to focus on your craft without the added complexity.

Elevate your handmade projects with Hatnut “Safe Reflect” Reflex Yarn and make your creations shine – both in style and safety. Order your spool in color 90 Silver Gray today and embark on a journey of craft excellence!


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Hatnut safe reflect garn
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