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Great Service!
Very helpful in choosing the best wool for a sweater for my grandchild. The Baby Marino turned out to be an excellent choice!

Gleener Clothes depilator with 3 interchangeable attachments



With the Gleener - lint remover with lint brush you will enjoy your clothes, upholstery and bedding for longer. The 3 different fabric attachments remove lint, fluff and pet hair from almost all fabrics. Each attachment is designed to gently freshen different types of fabrics – heavy and thick, medium-fine and delicate. The integrated lint brush removes pet hair and dandruff and is the perfect addition to your lint removal routine. Extend the life of your favorite pieces and textiles in your home without the use of expensive and environmentally harmful batteries. Choose Gleener – an environmentally friendly solution to buy less and make your textiles last longer.


What makes Gleener special: its patented Safe Edge system.

Attachment 1: Ideal for large lint knots on heavy wool fabrics, blends and synthetic fibres. Attachment 2: Suitable for medium-sized lint knots on cashmere, merinowool and fine wool. It also works well on fleece. Attachment 3: Removes fine lint knots, refreshing summer knits, t-shirts, silk blends and delicate fabrics. Integrated lint brush

The integrated lint brush quickly removes pet hair and dandruff, completing your lint removal routine.


Battery-free and portable thanks to the included storage bag – you have everything at hand to save your precious pieces!

CONTENTS 1 ergonomic handle with integrated lint brush, 3 different attachments and 1 storage bag.



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Gleener Clothes depilator with 3 interchangeable attachments
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