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Great Service!
Very helpful in choosing the best wool for a sweater for my grandchild. The Baby Marino turned out to be an excellent choice!

Eucalan Wool Soap / Wool Detergent 100ml – Eucalyptus

Eucalan wool detergent is free of toxins, bleaches, phosphates, perfume and dyes. In addition, it keeps your wool creations soft and fine. Eucalan is ph neutral and all fragrances come from essential oils. It can be used for both hand and machine washing.

Notice that Eucalan Does NOT require rinsing (this is also an advantage as too much rinsing will result in a dull color), to preserve the lanolin and essential oils.


Hand wash:
Add 5 ml Eucalan to 4 liters of water. Soak your laundry in the water for about 15 minutes, then squeeze it gently. Rinsing is not necessary! Dry items flat and out of sunlight.

Machine wash:
Place the items to be washed in the drum, pour 15 ml Eucalan in the main wash and fabric softener drawer. Run machine with wool programme. (If possible, run only the rinsing program and add Eucalan only to the fabric softener drawer).


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Eucalan Wool Soap / Wool Detergent 100ml – Eucalyptus

12 in stock

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